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Five Things to Do When Boarding The Family Dog

One of the most difficult decisions a pet owner will have to make is boarding their family dog for any reason. Separation anxiety is a real thing both for the owners and the dog. Fortunately, there are a few things that owners can do to make this much easier on themselves and the family dog. Here are K9 Sensei’s five tips to helping make your dog’s boarding comfortable and successful.

Keep the diet the same

Dogs are creatures of habit. Take the food your dog is accustomed to eating each day to the kennel. This will give them more security and comfort.

Toys and familiar items

Toys your dog loves to play with and anything that makes the dog comfortable are a good idea. We recommend an old t-shirt or two you have worn recently. The scent will set them at ease.

Set schedules

Make sure the dog is comfortable on the floor if they are accustomed to sleeping in the bed with you. They will not have this luxury for a few days.

Schedule a vet visit

You want your family dog to be in the best possible health and up to date on vaccinations. A quick vet trip for a checkup and copy of vaccination reports is always a good idea.

Keep cool

You and your best friend are going to be apart for a few days. Keep calm, and do not act emotional. Your dog will read this. Treat it like you are off to work for the day.

There are our five tips for boarding your dog. Come back for more tips in the future.



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