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Read what our clients have to say:

10/10 would recommend to everyone...

I couldn't have enough praise for this company. Sensei Rick really knows about dogs and more importantly about dog owners and how one should act. I gained the confidence I needed through training, and it improved the relationship between my dog and I tremendously. Sensei Rick's calm demeanor is contagious and extremely valuable. As well, his prices are affordable even for a college student! 10/10 would recommend to everyone! 

~Lauren Touchet  (view this review on Facebook)

...we have deflated the stress...

Rick has amazing energy with dogs and their people! With his guidance we have deflated the stress a small dog in charge had brought to our family. We are ALL much happier. We still have our work to do but definitely on the right track. Thank you so much Rick!

~Terry Calaway Noack  (view this review on Facebook)

I would highly recommend him...

Sensei Rick is amazing! Within a short time he had our dog responding attentively and obediently to his instructions and it was immediately clear that he is very skilled and experienced in what he does. He is very personable and keen to make sure that we had met our training objectives.

I appreciated that he took the time to educate us on how to reinforce the training and to better understand what our dog needs. I would highly recommend him!

~Pamela Falkner  (view this review on Facebook)

...after 1 hour we were extremely impressed...

Rick worked with my Great Dane who is a stray we recently adopted. We had some questions about training a dog that is past 2 years old and is also pretty shy and skittish. We also had questions about integrating him with our current Dane who is also a male. Rick answered all our questions and gave us a lot of actionable information. He worked with my new dog for about an hour and had him heeling and doing things I hadn't trained him to do yet. He showed me some great techniques for training a dog that size and gave me pointers on some of the things I could work on. I can say after 1 hour we were extremely impressed with the results and the help we got from Rick has helped us with our training at home. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs obedience training for their dog!

~Brent Gonsoulin  (view this review on Facebook)

We are thrilled! And Ozzy loved every second of it...

Sensei Rick brought peace to our house! Our little Beagle was really sweet but really excited ALL THE TIME. He loved to run out of the door, jump on new friends, and run around crazy when he was excited. Sensei Rick taught him to walk in a leash well, to go to his place to calm down, sit at the door (with someone at it or us leaving) and stay there until he was called- and even more. He also taught me how to give the commands with the authority and expectation Ozzy needed to obey. We are thrilled! And Ozzy loved every second of it. I look forward to learning more and doing advanced training soon- our home is so much more peaceful and easy to manage with the commands and instruction we received from Sensei Rick! Thank you!!!!

~Shauna Maness  (view this review on Facebook)

Rick did a great job...

Rick did a great job with Winston. He was able to tame his super jumping so that we could actually play with him outside. Also helped with a few other inside issues. Thanks!

~Shawn Slaton Palermo  (view this review on Facebook)

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