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ABOUT:  Our Philosophy

A dog is not “just a dog.” Dogs are living, breathing beings who are capable of love and who have emotions just like we do. They have likes and dislikes; they can be happy or sad; be courageous but have fear; be calm or nervous. But one thing is consistent-dogs are full of love for their families. Dogs love “their people” more than they love themselves, which is why we must love and cherish them. Dogs must be treated with respect and compassion. They should be a part of the family, not a backyard fixture. We must feed their minds and bodies and encourage their spirits. When we do these things, we are honoring our stewardship to one of God’s creations and man’s best friend.


K9 Sensei uses balanced training techniques to make man’s best friend also a well-balanced friend. We use a positive “yes” and a fair “no” to help a dog understand what we expect from him. K9 Sensei creates a positive, loving atmosphere to help your dog reach his full potential.

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