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“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

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We Believe

The dog is truly a blessing from God!

We all love our “fur-babies.” Despite barking, chewed shoes, holes dug in the backyard or countless other calamities, there is never a question that we love our pets. But truth be told, these issues can cause stress, strain our relationships and bring chaos and disharmony into our homes. It’s not that our dogs are “bad dogs,” they just need guidance.


At K9 Sensei, we practice Mind-Body-Spirit training.

By teaching the “whole dog” we help him find his place within the family “pack.”

A dog’s mind is keen and sharp. They are inquisitive and curious; but much like children, they need guidance and direction. By engaging a dog’s intellect, we begin positively reinforcing good actions while setting boundaries and parameters around their behavior. This process of discipline and learning helps build the unbreakable bond between you and your dog.



A balanced dog is an active dog! Taking care of your dog’s physical well-being through exercise is an absolute must. Exercise helps a dog feel happy and satisfied, and it also helps avert many of the problems families face, such as chewing, digging or excessive barking. It also strengthens the relationship between you and your dog and helps establish you as the “pack leader.” Walking, jogging, playing frisbee or throwing the ball are just some of the activities that strengthen the body and integrate the mind of your dog.



Building the spirit of your dog through discipline, training, exercise and love not only makes your dog a balanced dog, but it also makes him a secure, loving and devoted one. A “Super Dog” of sorts!


Your dog will be intelligent, loyal and well-mannered. He’ll have the ability to leap obstacles in a single bound, yet lie calmly and quietly at your feet. He’ll be faster than a speeding bullet, but will stop on a dime at your command. He’ll be powerful enough to protect you, yet gentle enough to lick a child’s face. A dog who is confident, strong, loyal, enthusiastic and obedient- that is a balanced dog. K9 Sensei can help you achieve that.


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