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Healthy, Natural Treats For Dogs You Can Make at Home

When choosing healthy dog treats, keep in mind that your pooch's daily caloric requirement should not exceed 10 percent. Ideally, a dog should get the bulk of its caloric needs from whole food sources. These types of snacks are often made with natural preservatives, such as citric acid and vitamin E. They are also tasty and contain no salt or artificial coloring or flavoring. These treats are great for dogs with food allergies, as they are low in fat and high in protein.

The ingredients in healthy dog treats include vitamins, minerals, and added nutrients. Cucumbers, for example, are low in fat, and contain plenty of folic acid, potassium, copper, iron, and zinc. In addition to providing your dog with essential nutrients, these snacks also combat the bacteria that can cause your dog's breath to smell bad. Aside from promoting fresh breath, cucumbers also contain many phytonutrients, which fight off harmful bacteria that contribute to bad breath.

Other fresh vegetables are also suitable treats. Broccoli, spinach, and cabbage are high in fiber and vitamins. However, you should avoid chunks of raw vegetables as they may lodge in your dog's digestive system or oesophagus. Some of these foods may have too much sugar, and your dog may experience stomach upset. A balanced diet includes a wide variety of fruits and veggies. Just be sure to choose fresh fruit as fresh fruits can be too spicy for your pooch.

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