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K9 Sensei’s “Camp K9” Dog Boarding Packing Tips

Dear Camp K9 campers,

We are looking forward to seeing you during your upcoming stay at K9 Sensei’s “Camp K9.” Even though summer is winding down, Camp K9 fun lasts all year long! Whether you are going to be a first time camper or Camp K9 has become your “home away from home,” there are a few tips that will make packing a breeze.


  • Shot records.​ Always pack your updated shot records. Nobody likes getting sick at camp, so it’s important that all campers are current on their vaccines.

  • Food​. Most campers bring a big bag labeled with their name and feeding directions on it. Some campers bring it in a storage container, while others might bring baggies with the food already sectioned out per serving. All of those options work just fine for the Camp K9 kitchen staff. If you have a favorite kind of ​treat, ​your mom & dad can pack them with your food. The kitchen staff will make sure a treat is included with each meal.

  • Medicine​. If you will be bringing medicine, please pack the original bottles with the prescription labels attached. We will give the medicine as prescribed.

  • Your dog collar with ID tags on it. ​You will get a K9 Sensei ID tag to wear while you are here, but it’s important to have something with your name on it too.

  • A leash​. Camp K9 asks that all dogs be leashed upon arrival to ensure their safety.


  • Dog bed or crate*. ​Camp K9 has elevated dog beds in each cabin. We put fluffy bed toppers on each bed, followed by a nice soft blanket. Linens are changed regularly to ensure maximum comfort and cleanliness. *​We are open to discussion if you really prefer to bring your personal bed or crate.

  • Your toy chest. ​If you have an absolute favorite toy, it’s ok to bring it. But there’s no need to bring your entire toy chest with you! Camp K9 has lots of toys to play with.

  • Rawhide type treats. ​These treats can be a choking hazard, so save please save them to eat when you can be under the direct supervision of your parents.

  • Food & water bowls. ​Camp K9 provides fresh bowls for each meal time, so you can keep your personal bowls safe at home. Camp K9 can also provide “slow feeding” bowls upon request.

Whether you are camping with us for a weekend or several weeks, you will have a great time at K9 Sensei’s Camp K9. Our individual cabins are climate controlled and comfortable year round. Each cabin has its own yard and doggie door so there’s plenty of room to move around. Throughout the day there are several opportunities to run around the big yard and play.

The fun never ends at Camp K9!

Your Camp K9 counselors,

Rick & Amy Short



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