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Tips for Finding the Perfect Dog Boarding Kennel

With the holidays fast approaching you may be considering boarding your dog. Although it can seem daunting to leave your pet with someone else, pet boarding actually has many advantages. However, to ensure an amazing experience for your fur baby, it's important that you find the right pet boarding facility. Below are a few things to consider.

1. Review Conditions: The conditions that pets need to meet in order to stay there are one of the key measures of the standard of a pet hotel. If the standards are very lax, there may be pets who are not adequately vaccinated. An unvaccinated or medicated pet could put your fur baby at risk of developing a disease.

2. Check Out Feedback & Ratings: Want to know what individuals really think about the setting, employees, pricing, and operation of a pet boarding facility? One great way is to check their online reviews.

3. Visit The Facilities: It's a smart idea to check out the facilities before you decide. You'll be able to see where your pet is going to stay, meet the workers, and evaluate the environment. You will find out how clean it is and how comfortable the animals are that are actually living there, which will give you a clear idea of how your pet will adjust.

4. Do A Meet & Greet: It is helpful to do a test run of the facility in advance before setting off on a week-long vacation and leaving your pet in a completely new environment. If the test run happens to go terribly, you will know that to find the right pet boarding facility for your pet, you need to look elsewhere. If it goes great you can head out on your vacation worry-free!

For a free tour, Contact Us! We invite you to check out Camp K9 at K9 Sensei if you live in or around Bryan College Station and are searching for a high-quality, top-rated pet boarding facility. We have dog boarding and dog training / boarding, and at our facility and we would love to have your fur baby.



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